Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Items

How pretty is this to have your dinner table set with our personalized Easter candy wrappers!


Our Easter Keepsake Cans makes great Easter Pails!
Need a great alternative to chocolate?
Try our personalized Tic Tacs®!  
Funny gift to pass out to family or friends this Holiday!
 Easter Miniature Candy Wrappers are perfect to pass out to friends and family!
They also fit perfect inside an Easter egg!

Need help filling your Easter Egg Hunt Items!??! Click here to see 50 different ideas to stuff your Easter eggs with!

50 things to put inside Easter Eggs!

Easter is only a few days away. If you need some help with last minute ideas, we put a list together of simple items that you can even get stuff at the $1.00 store!
Easter Egg Hunt items
1. stickers
2. character band-aides
3. puzzles (1 piece in each egg)
4. small bubbles
5. hair bows
6. glow sticks
7. finger puppets
8. temporary tattoos
9. lip gloss
10. bounce balls
11. glitter shakers
12. glitter glue
13. army men
14. gum/ gumballs
15. bracelets
16. rings
17. barrettes
18. slime
19. play dough
20. dollar bills
21. coins
22. whistle
23. a yo-yo
24. mini water gun
25. min slinky
26. plastic bugs
27. mini dinosaurs
28. nail polish
29. mini nail files
30. silly banz
31. teddy grahams
32. gold fish snacks
33. tokens for chuck e. cheese
34. tiny party favors from party store
35. toy cars
36. crayons
37. erasers
38. chapstick
39. legos
40. lottery tickets
41. rainbow looms
42. grow caps
43. mighty beanz
44. marbles
45. magic towels/washcloths
46. mini rubber stamps/pad
47. confetti
48. pirate eye patch
49. seashells or interesting stones
50. jokes

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tweety Bird Baby Shower

Personalized Bucket
 Custom made candy wrappers
 Hanging Ceiling D├ęcor

Small keepsake can

 Custom made banner

Cupcake toppers and kiss stickers 

Wedding/Bridal Items

Personalized Wedding Keepsake Can
Hand made corsages

Personalized Hotel Room Goodie Bags for wedding guest
Personalized Mint Books


Personalized Sticker Labels for Shot Glasses 
Personalized Water Bottles and candy bars

Personalized Mini candy wrappers 
Customer made banner 



Barnyard & Tractor Party